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Posted by Jamaica American Maverley inc. on February 4, 2014 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

The funeral service of Herbert Agustus Smith a original resident of Fields Road, Maverley, Kingston, 20. The father of International recording artist "Beenie Man" was held on June 24th at the New Heaven Adventist Church on Columbus Drive, Duhaney Park. He was later buried at Dovecot Memorial Park.

On june 23rd a get together was held at the family home at Hughenden avenue, All was invited several artistes also attended, Beenie Man dad affectionately called "Bragga" aka "Skaley Man" died on wednesday June 6th at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Jamaica, while recceiving treatment for an disclosed health complaint, the news came as a complete shock to "Beenie Man" as well as his long time manager and brother Rohan "Blue" Smith.

Beenie Man ex-wiife D'angel visited the hospital and offered her condolences upon hearing the news, occording to the singjay "Bragga" was a very fun person to be around, "Bragga" was a very loving kind person, said one of his long time brethen "Scorcher".

"Bragga a father of some talented footballers "Lego", "Little Bigga", Bragga was a very good Autobody Mechanic who in the late 60's had his workshop in his back yard, There was never a dull moment around "Bragga" he was very funny always entertaining now we know where "Beenie Man" got his talent from. R.I.P. "Bragga" gone but not forgotten, we love you.


Posted by Jamaica American Maverley inc. on February 1, 2014 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Echo Minott was born Noel Phillips in 1963 and grew up in the Maverley area of Kingston, Jamaica. He started singing from an early age, appearing in local talent contests and school concerts.

His first break came in 1980 when he recorded the album "youthman Vibration. This album wasn't released in Jamaica and appeared on the Starlight label based in London, UK.

In 1983 he recorded the tune "Ten Miles" for his counsin, producer Errol Marshall, and his first tune to be released as "Echo Minott. He then recorded his first UK hit  "Man In Love" for Dellinger and an album "Echo Minott meets Sly and Robbie" Jam-Can for famous producer George Phang, He later had four of these songs on an album called "Echo Minott meets Frankie Paul" released in 1987.

Now in demand as an increasingly popular dancehall singer, Echo began recording for many other producers and scored his first Jamaican no. 1 single Love Problems" produced by Joe Gibbs. He followed this with another hit, "Farmer Man" for "Junjo" Lawes' Volcano Records label.

It was in 1985 that Echo Minott finally became an international reggae star with monster hit "Lazy Body", released on the Black Scorpio label, It was number one all over the raggae world and led to a whole album of versios to the rhythm. At this time, Echo was a regular member of Jamaica's top sound systems Black Scorpio and King Jammys. It was with Jammys that Echo was to have his next hit singles.

"Original Fat Thing" and "Put One Hand On The Key" were enormous hits on Jammys new revolutionary Sleng Theng rhythm track, Echo hit again in 1986 with the extraordinary track "What The Hell" , also for the Jammys label which remained top of the Jamaican charts for three months, This was the first ever to use the raggamuffin beat of today's dancehall and was an extremely contro versial song that inspired many answer versions such as the hit "Babylon Boops" by Lovindeer.

This led to hisown part two version "Me and My Girl Gone Back" which was another international reggae hit, King Jammys followed these hits with "What the Hell" album and also another big hit "Emmanuel Road, Echo had many other hits like "Been Around The World", "Whip Appeal" Echo Minott still remained a household name within the reggae scene, Echo left Jamaica in 1992 to New York and immediately had a massive international number one reggae hit with "Murder Weapon" Echo now lives in France.


Posted by Jamaica American Maverley inc. on January 25, 2014 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (1)

General Trees (Amos Edwards) of Drewsland. Kingston, Jamaica.

His name was given to by Barry G who thoght he sounded like a general with three voices, Around 1981 Sassafrass made one of Black Scorpio most important discovery when he heard  Trees deejaying in his place of work, Sassfrass took trees to meet Scorpio who was also impressed with trees deejaying talent.

General Trees learned a lot from Sassfrass, but it soon became clear that his verstile, rockstone delivery going to make him Black Scorpio's lethal weapon in "The Dancehalll Arena"

By 1982 Sassafraas was spending a lot of time working on sounds in New York and stage shows in Europe, so the discovery of General Trees by Sassafrass kept Black Scorpio rising, and one of the top sound system in the dancehall.

The Black Scorpio set became known as "The Horseman Sound" as it has has had a long association horse racing, with Jack at time owning racehorses  and Sassafrass having worked with his father and racehorse trainer Cecil Johnson at Jamaica's premier race course Caymanas Park, Sassafrass is often known as "The Original Horseman" while General Trees is refered to as "The Younger Horseman".

General Trees is widely regarded as the best speed rapper of his era, General Trees had hits like "Mini Bus" "Gone A Negrli" and many more, Trees still performs on stage shows in the USA and Europe.


Posted by Jamaica American Maverley inc. on January 2, 2014 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (1)


IN the 1980's deejay Sassafrass reigned with his # 1 hit song Poco Jump, other songs like The Horseman Style and Call The Deejay.

He recorded mainly for the Black Scorpio Label and is a contemporary of fellow deejays Peter Metro, Josey Wales and General Trees.

Sassafrass has not been on the local show seen for some time, which he saye is deliberate.

"I don't love how the business run in Jamaica, I prefer to work in Europe where i am loved and appreciated, he told Sunday Observer during a telephone interview.

He said he recently did a handful of shows in Europe with Peter Metro.

Most of his dates are in Belgium and Germany, with his last major performance being at the Reggae Jam Festival in Bersenbruck, Germany.

Sassafrass still records, He says he is working on an album as well as producing songs by other artistes for his Horseman label.

"I am working with four artistes right now, Glen Ricketts, Carol Brown, Carol Anthony and Axe Perry, "he said.

Sassafrass said the music business has changed tremendously since he started on sound systems in the late 1970's, he admits it is not easy to catch-up, "Im a vinyl man so i now have to learn the digital side of things, there is so much to learn, "he said with a chuckle.

 Originally from Maverley, Michael Johnson son of Cecil Johnson and Mrs Johnson founder of "Maverley Basic School" on Fields Road, Maverley, Kingston, Jamaica, Sassafrass was introduced to the dandehall through the Black Scorpio sound system where he remembers his Horseman Crew ( which included General Trees ) having friendly clashes with General Echo and Johnny Ringo.

In addition to the Black Scorpio label, he recorded songs for producers Lee 'Scratch' Perry (Green Bay Massacre) and the Horseman Connection with Bunny Lee, In 1983 Sassafrass migrated to New York City and now resides in Canada.


Posted by Jamaica American Maverley inc. on November 17, 2012 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Pablo Mcneil son of mr. Mac caretaker of Maverley flowers park back in the 1960's lived on Mobberly ave. Maverley. 

There was a grief mixed with laughter as the late Olympian and track and field coach Pablo McNeil was laid to rest on Saturday after a thanksgiving service at the William Knibb Battist Church in Falmouth.

McNeil, who died suddenly on July 4 after he was admitted to the Falmouth General Hospital, was remembered as a staunch disciplinarian, a fearless campaigner for decency and order, and a man with a big laugh

Executives from the Jamaica Athletic Administrative Association (JAAA), Jamaica Olympic Association, Jamaica Paralympics Association, politicians and former atlethes all paid tributes to McNeil, who participated in the1964 and 1968 Olympics Games and also served as in the diplomatic corps as Honoary Counsul for Jamaica in California.

Ian Andrews, administrative director of in sport, where McNeil was employed as a sports officer, described him as a hero an upright man" before delivering a tribute in song. Lorna Jackson, who read a tribute on behalf of William Knibb Memorial High School where McNeil was a track coach for several years, remembered McNeil as "a task master", but one "who was kind to students.

She tol a story about a day when the canteen at the school had run out of food and McNeil announceed that even if he had to losehis job, he was allowing the students to go to Falmouth to get food asit was unfair for them to go hungry.

Jackson had the mourners laughing when she spoke the aversion to litter and relayed that during the school's sports day he saw someone throw an empty drinka box on the auditorium floor, she said after several demands  that the litterbug take up the box were not adhered to, McNeil proceeded to "drape up the man", only for someone looking on to ruch to McNeil's aid, telling him that the man he had in "custody" was in fact a police officer.

The sports areas including the running track, football field and netball courts had to be spotless, she said, as McNeil would describe them as his "office" and would delegate students to pick litter, joining in himself.

Several speakers remembered his booming laughter, imposing physical appearance and a coach ho did not tolerate excusees of any kind". McNeil who made it to the semi-finals of the 100m his first Olympic appearance, The Olympian represented Jamaica in 100m at the Tokyo Games in 1964  and Mexico City in 1968 in 1964 he reached the semi-finalsof the 100m his best result came in 1965 when he won gold in the 200m, he also wore the national colours at the 1966 commanwealth Games in Kingston and was a member of the team which won silver in the silver the 4x100 yards relay.

After retirement McNeil became the sprint coach at William Knibb High School where he was credited with getting Usain Bolt  the successful switch from cricket to track and field.

McNeil coach Bolt up to the age of 16 before the prodigy made the move to kingston to the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association.

McNeil intended to write a book titled "The Bolt Of Ligthing and Me", He suffered a stroke in December 2007 his vision from then on was impaired, McNeil predicted that Bolt he's going to be the greatest spinter ever,  but could not watch his former athlete win gold in the 100 and 200m because of his vision.

A release from Usain Bolt who was in europe, expressed sadness of the passing of his high school coach Pablo McNeil,

I am sadden by the passing of my first coach in High School Pablo McNeil, he was a part a part of my early track and field life i apppreciate he sought to pass on to me, I would like offer my condolences and sympathites to his family and close friends Bolt said.

Pablo McNeil worked at William Knibb between 1990 to 1999 when he retired, but retunned breifly in 2002 to work with Bolt leading up to the Boys Champs in 2002, Bolt later that year became the youngest ever IAAF World Junior Champian when the 200m in Kingston a month a head of his 16th birthday. Pablo McNeil born 1939, died on 4th july 20011 he was 72 years old.


Posted by Jamaica American Maverley inc. on November 10, 2012 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

He is only 17yrs. old and hails from the tough corporate area community of Maverley, But Raheem shoulders daily with soccer superstars, Including Jamie Carragher, Louis Suarez and England captain Steven Gerrad.

He is quickly becoming a fan favorite at Anfield the home of one of the biggest soccer club in the world, Liverpool F.C. and already represented England in a number of age-group tournament.

But months away from his 18th birthday he remains the shy unassuming young man who left Maverley Kgn. 20 just over 10 yrs. ago.

Sterling returned to Maverley to attend his Granfather's funeral, Followed by a large group of young man, one would never know that he has already attracted j$40 million tranfer fee.

His presence in Maverley over the past two weeks gave the community a huge lift as the young man whom they played street scrimmage with was emerging as one of the rising stars in world soccer. They hung on to his every word even though he did not say much and tried to copy his every move as they juggled a soccer ball in the park metres away from his house on Reapers road where he spent hie early years.

He is definitely a positive influence, His mother Nadine told the gleaner more than a year ago, she even suggested to him that when everthing is settled and the time is right , It would be great for him to go back to  Jamaica to his former school in patticular and talk to the kids about not giving up on their dreams and working hard for success and stuff like that his mother said.

Raheem influence was clearly obvious as the young and not so young men dusted off their boots 'the Big Man is here' and we so proud of him, One young man said, i watch every Liverpool match.


Posted by Jamaica American Maverley inc. on November 6, 2012 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Jamaica makes a play for Sterling. Jamaica's soccer president Horace Burrel will fly to England this week wiih a bid to snatch the liverpool youngster from under the football association nose, The F. A. appeared to have beathen the Reggae Boys after calling the teenager up to the full England squad for the World Cup qualifer against Ukraine, But England will be sweating on how this week discussion between Sterling and Burrel pan out.

With the Liverpool starlet happy to give Burrel the chance to make his pitch.

Sterling's mother is known to want her to represent Jamaica where the 17 yr. old was born and raised in Maverley on Reapers road, Kgn. 20  Jamaica. Raheem Sterling was raised by his grandmother.

At the age of five he left for london England with his mother, At the age of ten he joined the Queen Park Rangers F.C. then to Liverpool.

Sterling has dazzled the English soccer world with his prodigious talent.


Posted by Jamaica American Maverley inc. on November 4, 2012 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to Maverley Linkup News, In 1953 a Ministry of Housing was established to give clear direction to Housing Development.

The first Housing Policy for Jamaica was formulated.

Madam Rose Leon was appointed Minister of Housing and first female Minister of Government.

Government began building Houses and helping People to own their homes on an easy payment basic, For the fist time the Maverley Housing Scheme became the prototype for the Provision of Low Cost Housing by the Government of Jamaica.

Maverley was the first Government build Housing Scheme.

Maverley was first one lot of  land 115 Moylnes Road purchase from Pilot Francis.

Maverley is now 500 lots, Maverley had two Post Office in it's history one on Mobberly avenue Ms. Muir was the post mistress, then on Campden crescent  ms. Brown was the next Post mistress, Maverley also had two Police Station, the first one on fields road, the other one was on west main drive in front of Grenmead road, Maverley first three District Constable ( DC ) was shoemaker Bobbou-mr Smith, mr. Douglas and mr. Bogle