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The Amazing Health Benefits of soursop

Soursop also known as graviola is a fruit that has it's origin in the forest of South America, Africa, Southeast Asia also popular in Jamaica, Apart from it's anti-cancer properties , it has several other medical benefits.

1.Treatment Of Cancer. Soursop leaves can inhibit cancer cells and cure cancer more quickly and effectively research has proved that soursop has an active ingredient that treat different types of cancer including prostate, lung, and breast cancer, for treatment boil 10 soursop leaves in 3 cups of water until only one cup of water remains, strain and cool it drink this concoction every morning for 3-4 weeks to determine improvement in the condition.

2.Treatment of Back Pain. Back pain is commonly experienced these days, particularly while exercising using chemical drugs for back pain can cause side effects. you can boil 20 soursop leaves in 5 cups of water until 3 cups remain. drink 3/4 cup of this concoction in a day for relief.

3.Treatment Of Diabetes. The limit of normal blood sugar levels ranges from 70 mg to 120 mg. The nutrients in soursop leaves are believed to stabilize blood sugar levels in the normal range, besides, the extracts soursop leaves can be used as one of the natural diabetes remedies. all this makes these leaves beneficial for diabetes.

4. Boosts The Immune System and Prevents Infections. The nutrient content of soursop leaves is believed to boost the immune system and avoid infections in the body. Boil 4-5 leaves in 4 cups of water until cup remains and drink this concoction regular once in a day for beneficial results.

5. Other Benefits. In addition to benefits above, soursop leaves are extremely effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, virus parasites and tumor development. there healing properties make them capable of being used as an anti-seizure medication. They are also capable of reducing fever and lowering blood pressure. They help help in treating inflammation and swollen feet.They aid in digestion and improve appetite. soursop leaf on a regular basic helps in improving stamina and facilitating quick recovery from diseases.

The leaves are also good for boils soursop leaves are a natural remedy for ulcers , you can pick some young leaves and place them on the boils. Hope these information will be beneficial to people back home on the Island where medicine is so expensive, take care now.

Boost Sex Drive Natturally

1. Olives

The Ancient ate olives to help aid in their power of seduction. Men experienced articular boost in sex drive when eating green olives while black olives seemed to do the trick for women.

2. Watermelon

A slice of watermelon has long been a fourth of July staple. But according to to recent studies, the delicious fruit may may be better suited for Valentine's Day. Doctors and and scientists say that contains ingredients, including citruline that delivers Viagra like effects to the body's blood vessels, which can boost the libido.


Asparagus can improve your sex life and anything that improve your sex life is also good for your overall health. Just think of asparagus as nature's version of Viagra.

Asparagus is an excellent source source of folic acid and vitamins it's low in fat, calories and carbohydrates, it has a list of nutrients, potassium vitamin A that helps to boost sex drive in men, but more in women.


American and Italian scientists found there was a connection between oysters and a persons sex drive, They discovered that oysters along with mussels and clams aid the release of sexual hormones, Oysters are also rich in zinc, increase zinc intake regulates many sexual parts of a man, including prostate, their prostatic fluid, and the abundance of sperm.

5.Honey. There's a reason men and women medieval times used honey instead of champagne to toast at weddings because it's proven to boost sexual desire. The honey base is full of baron a mineral proven to increase testosterone while metabolizing estrogen add a spoonful of honey to your afternoon tea and get ready for a night of fun.

6.Eggs. Although not the most sensual of foods, all birds and fish eggs are high in vitamins B6 and B5. These help balance hormone levels and fight stress, two things that are crucial to a healthy sex drive.

Other foods good for sex, Dark Chocolate, Nuts like almond, walnut, peanut, brazil nut.

Try this for breakfast whole grain oatmeal, a tsp spoon of unsweetened cocoa, some walnut with raisins and honey, it works.

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally 

To help lower blood pressure naturally you could add the the following to your diet

Oat meal or oat bran muffins for breakfast, and healthy sandwiches made of whole grain bread for lunch.

MAGNESIUM and folate, Spinach is high in magnesium and is a powerful tool in the fight against high blood pressure not only can magnesium help lower blood pressure, but consuming it on a regular basic can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels and keep your number in check, spinach is also a great choice for maintaining a healthy weight because it is so low in calories, whether fresh, pre-packed or frozen spinach should be added to your diet. Other high magnesium foods are whole grain wheat flour, cashews, cornmeal, cooked okra.

POTASSIUM. Banana is known for being an excellent source of potassium an can significantly impact blood pressure levels, the body hang onto sodium (salt) which in turn will raise blood pressure.

Conversely, when potassium levels are high, the body releases stores of sodium, and lower blood pressure with it. Eating bananas is a quick and easy way to keep potassium and sodium levels in a proper balance, one banana is two serving of fruit, other benefits eating banana daily is it's also good for depression, high in iron, heart burns, constipation, there are many other blood pressure lowering foods, unsalted nuts, seeds, beans, salmon, low fat yogurt, avocado, green tea and dark chocolate in small portion.

Remember eat healthy, stay healthy, get your annual checkup.

please note information and statement made are for education purposes and not intended to replace the advice of your treating doctor.

Maverleylinkup Health Corner

Soursop The Secret Revealed

The amazing anti-cancer properties of soursop (graviola) tree have been extensively researched-so why haven't you heard anything about it? If sour- sop extract is as half as promising as it appears to be -why doesn't every single oncologist at every major hospital insist on using it on all his or her patients? The spine chilling answer illustrates just how our health-and for many, our very lives(!)-are controlled by money and power.

One of America's biggest billion-dollar drug makers began a search for a cancer cure and their search centered on soursop (graviola) a legendary healing tree from the amazon rain forest. Various parts of the soursop tree including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit and fruit seeds have been used for centuries by medicine men and native Indians in South America to treat heart disease, asthma, liver problem and arthritis.Going on little documented scientific evidence, The company poured money and resources into testing the tree's anti-cancerous properties-and were shocked by the results. Soursop proved itself to be a cancer-killing dynamo. The company had one huge problem with the soursop tree -it's natural, and so, under federal law, not patentable. There's no way to make serious profit from it, It turns out the drug company invested nearly seven years trying to synthesize two of soursop tree's most powerful anti-cancer ingredients. If they could isolate and produce man-made clones of what made the soursop so potent they be able to patent it and make back their money. Alas, they hit a brick wall.

The original could not replicated, There test on soursop came to a screeching halt. Even worse, the company shelved the entire project and chose not to publish the findings of it's research! luckily, however, there was one scientist from the soursop research team whose conscience wouldn't let him see such atrocity committed. Risking his career, he contacted a company that's dedicated to harvesting medical plants from the Amazon Rain forest and blew the whistle.

When researchers at the Health Science Institute were alerted to the news of soursop, they began tracking the research done on the cancer-killing tree. Evidence of the astounding effectiveness of soursop and it's shocking cover-up-came in fast and furious... ...The National Cancer Institute research 1976.

The results showed that soursop "leaves and stems were found effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells, Inexplicably, the results were published in an internal report and never report to the public.

The most significant part of the Catholic University of South Korea report is that soursop was shown to selectively target the cancer cell, leaving healthy cells untouched.

A study at Purdue University recently found that leaves from the soursop tree killed cancer cells among six human cell lines and were especially effective against prostate, pancreatic and lung cancer. A study published in the of natural products stated that one chemical in soursop was found to selectively kill colon cancer cells at 10,000 times the potency of commonly used drugs.

Sex is good for your health

Want to live a long, healthy vibrant life? Maintaining a healthy sex life can actually assist you on that path, boasting numerous benefits for your mind, body and overall health.

If your sex drive is a bit lackluster lately, no worries, we've all been there. With the hustle and bustle everyday life, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to get in the mood. luckily, there are some proven methods that are effective when it comes boosting your libido, we will be focusing on how certain foods can help fire it up in the bedroom! here are some common foods that will ignite your flame, no matter how old you are! and as a bonus they also contain many other properties to optimize your overall health. (cont. on boost sex drive naturally)

High Blood Pressure

When diagnosed with high blood pressure, most individuals are given strict orders to improve their diet and start exercising.

When blood pressure is very high, the doctor may wish to start the patient on blood pressure-lowering medications.

While eating healthy can lower blood pressure over time, there are specific foods you can eat that will target high blood pressure and may quickly reverse the condition.

Eating these foods will have the added benefit of aiding in weight loss, which in turn will help lower blood pressure as well.

Whole grains are grains that still completely intact and have not undergone a refining process to remove the bran and germ components.

Whole grain retain the entire grain kernel, making them higher in fiber and other nutrients than refined grains.

One of the many health benefits associated with having whole grains is a decrease in blood pressure, whole grains are believed to help with weight control because they keep you full for a longer period of time.